Three unforgettable fall hikes | 3 friends hiking Cassian County Two Way Trail

Three Unforgettable Fall Hikes

One of the best times of year to enjoy a hike in Hodag Country has arrived! Snow has yet to appear and the trails are covered in a soft carpet of fallen leaves. Expansive views have opened in the forest, and wildlife is on the move. When you spend some time on the trails you’ll cross paths with beautiful deer and scores of migratory birds. The air is fresh and the days are simply unforgettable. Just put on some comfortable hiking shoes or boots, pull on a light sweater and prepare to enjoy a hike that will pass too quickly.

Here are three great places to enjoy a fall hike in Hodag Country:

Nose Lake County Trail

Enjoy beautiful hiking along this 11-mile trail located west of Rhinelander. The trail is located twelve miles west of Rhinelander between Highway K and Highway 8.

Cassian County Trail

Take a fall hike on more than 15 miles of trails winding through the forest and passing the shores of three different lakes. You’ll find the trail 5.5 miles west of Highway 47 on Highway K.

Bearskin State Trail

Located west of Rhinelander, the Bearskin State Trail is an 18-mile trail that’s great for hiking and biking. The crushed granite surface offers easy hiking in any conditions.


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