Rhinelander – An Angler’s Paradise | Young boy holding up a fish that he just caught

Rhinelander – an Angler’s Paradise

Rhinelander is an angler’s paradise, home to everything from palm-sized panfish to monster musky. Check out these Rhinelander area fishing hotspots. (Info courtesy: fishingrhinelander.com)

Boom Lake

This 1,763 acre lake is big, which means there are some big fish lurking here. And they don’t move much, so once you find a hotspot, you can keep coming back, even across the seasons. With plenty of submerged wood and rock beds, musky are abundant here. Fish early or late to avoid the summer boat traffic.

George Lake

At 446 acres, George Lake is smaller than Boom, but still a good bet for hooking a big one. Fish the weeds for pike, stay closer to the rocks if you’re looking for walleye or musky. There are several reed beds on George Lake, and if you’re willing to cast in deep, you could really hit the jackpot. Guides suggest fluorescent lures because of the water color.

Pelican Lake

If you’re looking for a lot of real estate to fish, Pelican Lake is the biggest in Oneida County. You’ll find panfish galore and can catch largemouth bass right off the docks. Guides say the rock structures are your best bet for musky, but take it slow many a prop has been lost to the rocks of Pelican Lake.

Lake Thompson

If you’re looking to get a kid hooked on fishing, check out Lake Thompson. Plenty of easy-to-catch panfish. If you’re on the hunt for musky, dusk and right after sunset are the best bets. Start with the weeds and lily pads, going shallower in the evening.


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