Options for spring entertainment in Rhinelander | Man mountain biking the Washburn Lake Silent Sports Trails Area

Options for Spring Entertainment in Rhinelander

Hit the trails (or the links) and take advantage of the Northwoods' beautiful weather. 

Rhinelander’s weather is finally starting to shape up. So how will you rejoice once the snow has melted? Here are some of our favorite springtime activities in the Rhinelander area.

  • Biking. Both mountain and road bikers can enjoy a peaceful ride through Rhinelander’s quiet forests and roadways. It’s the perfect way to experience long stretches of Rhinelander’s beauty.
  • Birdwatching. Grab your binoculars and hit the trails for some of the Northwoods’ best birding. You’ll observe species like pileated woodpeckers, ruffed grouse and bald eagles. Rhinelander’s beautiful county trails include Almon Lake, Enterprise, Nose Lake and Washburn Lake.
  • Golfing. Rhinelander golfing combines luscious greens with classic Northwoods scenery. Golf the area’s holes and catch a glimpse of the area’s wildlife. Courses include the Northwood Golf Club, Pinewood Country Club and Rhinelander Country Club.
  • Hiking. Immerse yourself in Rhinelander’s quaint trails to experience gorgeous greenery and unique wildlife. The area hosts thousands of acres of public forest land, including the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.


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