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The Best Hodag Photo Ops in Rhinelander

Who wouldn’t want a picture with Rhinelander’s most famous resident? Here’s a list of a few of the many places where you can snap a photo with the Hodag (or just get a picture of the legendary beast if you’re selfie-shy).

First things first: It’s a lot easier to visit Rhinelander’s Hodags with the help of our Hodag Finder, which highlights the Hodag statues, murals, and other works of art that can be found in and around Rhinelander.

Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center

Let’s start with the obvious one, shall we? The biggest Hodag you’ll find in Rhinelander sits outside the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce, 450 W. Kemp St., greeting visitors as they head into the heart of Rhinelander from the west on Kemp Street. Take a picture with this larger-than-life Hodag then stop inside to get the scoop on what else to see and do in Rhinelander.

Oneida County Courthouse

In downtown Rhinelander, visitors will find the historic Oneida County Courthouse and its iconic Tiffany-style glass dome (it’s quite the sight when it’s all lit up at night). Outside the courthouse along South Oneida Avenue, you’ll see one of the dozens of Hodag statues that are scattered throughout the city. Snap a pic and then stroll through downtown to explore Rhinelander’s stores, shops, and other attractions.

The Hodag Store

It’s not hard to find a Hodag to photograph here—this store on Lincoln Street sells pretty much every Hodag-themed item you could imagine, from shirts and hats to bobbleheads and Christmas ornaments. There are lots of Hodag statues around the building, plus a custom-painted van parked outside that would look great on your Instagram feed.

Rhinelander District Library

Another stop on your walking tour of downtown should be the Rhinelander District Library on the corner of North Stevens Street and East Rives Street, just a couple blocks from the Oneida County Courthouse. Here, you’ll find a smiling Hodag who’s just waiting for his chance to show up in your next TikTok video.


Discover another colorful, custom-painted Hodag outside ArtStart, 68 S. Stevens St. When you’ve filled up your camera roll with photos, head inside ArtStart, a cool art gallery that also offers creative and educational events all year round.


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