Searching for the Hodag? Let us help! | Hodag statue in front of Oneida Courthouse

Searching for the Hodag? Let Us Help!

The wilds of northern Wisconsin are rooted in legend and mythology, but one stands out above the rest—Rhinelander’s own Hodag. Visitors have reported Hodag sightings for more than a century, but tracking down this oft-elusive beast is now easier than ever. Here are a few helpful tools to help you find a Hodag on your next trip north.

Introducing the Hodag Finder

Rhinelander’s legendary Hodag has been studied across generations by noted supernatural scholars like J.K. Rowling and uh, Scooby-Doo. Now, you can join these eminent ranks thanks to the brand-new Hodag Finder. Visit the Hodag Finder website to learn about the Hodags that can be found throughout Rhinelander or stop by the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce on Kemp Street to pick up a physical copy of the Hodag Finder map. Find all the Hodags and bring your map back to the chamber to get a fun Hodag-themed prize!

Other resources

As any tracker will tell you, learning about your subject makes them easier to find. That’s true for the Hodag, too, and there are lots of resources available to amateur Hodag hunters out there. Learn about the Hodag’s history, appearance and more on our website. There, you’ll also find the Hodag’s Den, filled with Hodag-themed games and activities so you can learn how the Hodag likes to have fun.

If you need a place to stay while you’re looking for the Hodag, the Rhinelander Area is home to friendly hotels, resorts, cottages and more.


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