Play Hodag games, puzzles & more

Running out of at-home activities? Your favorite Hodag is here to help! Thanks to my fine friends over at the Hodag Fan Club, I’m here to share some easy ways to play some great Hodag-themed games (which, let’s be honest, are the best kind of games). Read on to learn more.

(Before I forget: are you a member of my Fan Club? You should be.)

Visit the Hodag’s Den

Have you visited my (virtual) den yet? (My real-life den is hidden somewhere deep in the Northwoods, in a location known only to my friends and some local pizza delivery drivers.) It’s full of fun interactive games, like a Hodag coloring book and Hodag pong. You can even ask me for some advice or download my Hungry Hodag app!

Download and print out your own Hodag games

If you or your little ones are more of a pencil-and-paper sort, we’ve got plenty of downloadable/printable games here in the home of the Hodag Fan Club. Learn how to draw the Hodag (a valuable life skill you should probably put on any resume going forward), try to complete a Hodag-themed crossword puzzle, create your own foldable Hodag fortune teller and more! See all the downloadable Hodag games here.

Enter the Hodag drawing contest

Are you a whiz with colored pencils, crayons or markers? A regular Bob Ross with the paintbrush? Do you think you can capture my true essence on canvas? (Or notebook paper, whatever.) Submit your Hodag drawings to our drawing contest page and you could be featured in the next edition of the Hodag Fan Club newsletter!


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Visit the Hodag Fan Club