Hodag Fan Photos

Here are some great photos my fans have taken of me. (Well, my fans are in some of them, too, but I guess that’s OK.)

Do you have great photos of me? (Wait, great photos is repetitive–if I’m in them, they’re obviously great.) Add them to our gallery!

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Mary Bartsch

Mike & Betsy Bartsch – Fall 2019

Adeline R

Living large in Rhinelander.

Adeline Rogers

Found you on my Hodag Crawl.

Peggy C

The Hodag is recognized everywhere they drive!

Hayley D

Annual summer trip 2019

Buddy L.

Nothing better than a day with the Grandson and the Hodag!

Ron & Elsie G.

Hodag prowling a Missouri garden

Ron G.

Spreading great Hodag culture in the Show-Me-State!

Eric V.

We Love Rhinelander!

Donelle K

Look who we found!

Kristen L


Tia K

Downtown Madison this is on the children’s museum along with the Hodag’s history. 🙂

J.R. M

It’s Cal Worthington and his dog, Spot!

J.R. M

My buddy and me!

Lindsay K.

Rockin’ out with the Hodag

Betsy S.

Who’s hungry?

Danielle G.

Oh no!!!

Miranda S.

Hodag trio

Theresa B.

Go Pack Go

Alan H.

Green and green and gold

Lindsay S.

Family hodag fun!

Susanne T.

Happy Hodag family


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