Hodag Fan Drawings

Do you have serious skills with a pencil, pen and ink or even crayons? I wanna see ’em!

Every season, I’ll be holding a Hodag drawing challenge for my fans. I’ll pick my favorite submissions, and the winners will be highlighted here and receive some fabulous Hodag-themed prizes! (Those are the best kind of prizes.)

This season’s challenge: Draw the Hodag decorating his den for the holidays.

(Need some inspiration? Click here to learn how to draw your favorite Hodag.)

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Toivo R.
(Age 9)

Ryan C.
(Age 8)

Clayton G.
(Age 6)

Jayme S.
(Age 10)

Braeden V.
(Age 8)

Nicholas L.
(Age 34)

Carson V.
(Age 11)

Ava W.
(Age 5)

Grady P.
(Age 8)

Carson V.
(Age 11)

Matthew P.
(Age 35)

Matt R.
(Age 44)

Rachel H.
(Age 9)


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